Dr Spiller Biocosmetics


Our skin is a wonderful, perfectly organised system. It protects, regulates, breathes - and produces its own nourishing cream. The Dr Spiller concept is to support it by helping and protecting it from dehydration. For well-balanced and optimum results Dr. Spiller has developed Biocosmetics in which they use nature and our skin are the models for effectiveness and for the ingredients they choose. They develop and research in accordance with nature in order to discover its secrets and to take advantage of its healing and caring active substances for everlasting beautiful skin, a most interesting challenge!




Nature dictates which compounds lead to the best results in all skin care products. Nature and its well approved formulas is the Dr Spiller model for development and production. In their own laboratory, nestled in the Bavarian Alps, they explore the skin and the power of natural ingredients. From all over the world they buy strictly controlled plants, extracts, oils and essences which are used in their own formulas, personally controlled by Dr. Spiller to ensure natural beauty.


One of the most important raw materials for beauty care products is water. In Siegsdorf they work with the best water resources which are known world-wide for their well-balanced combination of minerals.

We put emphasis on choosing the right production location for their Dr. Spiller Biocosmetics as well as on choosing the right team. Research, production, filling and dispatch must work hand in hand for effective, natural Biocosmetics.


The secret ...


The secret to healthy, beautiful skin is not a secret at all. If we take time to observe and explore, we will discover that our skin produces its own cream as long as it is not disturbed by environmental influences, stress, wrong diet or other factors. Our skin teaches us the fundamental basics of our Biocosmetics: “Water in oil” creams with natural ingredients, ingredients close to nature or identical to nature with proven effectiveness. The emulsion type, water in oil, is the principle upon which our skin’s own natural moisture production is based. Because Dr Spiller formulate creams to match that which the skin should produce, they succeed in bringing caring substances effectively into the skin. Adding too many emulsifying agents and preservatives disturbs the natural household of the skin. They renounce such synthetic substances. Water in oil emulsified creams allows them to use a minimal amount of additives and preservatives. Their colours are gained from natural substances, vitamins or berries. Dr. Spiller Biocosmetics are not tested on animals.




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Allow your skin to become addictive

As all Dr Spiller Facials use very light water-in-oil technology designed to treat the skin gently and never drying or strip  ing it; all skin types in women and men can be effectively treated. All facials are aimed at delivering ultimate skin hydration, Your skin will feel different within 24 hours More..


Dr Spiller Aloe Vera Line  Aloe Vera Line


   Regulate your skin moisture content for a radiant appearance




Along with protection the moisture-regulating effect of the Aloe Vera plant gives a pleasant sensation. For dry, sensitive combination skin and those with fine pores.  More..


Dr Spiller Herbal Active Line Herbal Active Line


  Balance your skins micro flora with intensive cleansing




Problem skins are prone to pustules. Using the special active substance Propolis, (a natural antibiotic derived from plants and used by bees in their hives) the Herbal Active Line promotes normalising and calming effects on the skin’s function. The Spiller concept is that there is a natural solution for all skin problems. More..


Dr Spiller SensitiveLine Sensitive Line


 For that natural, healthy and vital appearance in dry & sensitive skin.




If your skin can be characterised by any combination of; thinness, dryness, redness, feelings of tension, itchiness and it reacts to environmental influences, then you may have "sensitive skin" and Dr Spiller has developed an extremely mild line of products specifically for you. These products a manufactured a balance of active ingredients and are indispensable as they activate the skin’s defence mechanisms to strengthen its resistance and slow down the premature aging process. The Spiller concept is that there is a natural solution for all skin problems. More..


 Dr Spiller Skin Balance Line Skin Balance Line


 Reduce that oily shine and improve your skin's structure.





For those who have oily and enlarged-pored skin Dr Spiller offers carefully balanced care products with active substances that will reduce sebum production, improve your skin's structure whilst reducing that oily shine. Oily combination and enlarged-pored skin is caused by the insufficient blood supply and natural production of lipids and moisture, the skin appears tight and smooth, furthermore the centre parts of the face (the so-called T-zone that includes the forehead, nose and chin) become very oily and show enlarged pores. The Spiller concept is that there is a natural solution for all skin problems. More..


 Dr Spiller Soft Line Soft Line


  Protects and cares young natural beauty.




For those that want to protect their young fine-pored, smooth and supple, scales skin with no oily shine. The natural protective film provided by the Sebiferous and sweat glands (even when functioning properly) due to the present environmental conditions is simply insufficient as such an intensive cosmetic protection is now indispensable. The Spiller concept is that there is a natural solution for all skin problems. More.


 Dr Spiller Specialty Line Specialty Line


  Products that cover a variety of special purpose needs. 





Speak to our specialty paramedical aestheticians when seeking advice.  The Spiller concept is that there is a natural solution for all skin problems. More..