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Welcome to Elegant Image

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 Welcome to Elegnt Image


Enter a relaxing retreat away from the hustle and bustle of your busy life.


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Sothes Homme


Mens Skin Care Treatment (Face)

The ultimate detoxifying and de-stressing treatment for men. The natural ingredients offer hydrating results, leaving skin supple and radiant.A masculine and relaxing retreat just for him, featuring new specific men’s scent with fresh and woody notes. This invigorating yet relaxing aromatic massage is designed to relieve muscle tension and improve blood circulation. Special attention is paid to the areas of a man’s body most prone to stress and muscle tension.

No man can resist this pure bliss and relaxation.

 This 1 hour experience begins with a Sothys’ multi-phase Digi-Esthetique method of pressure-point  massage on the face, neck, upper back and scalp, followed by a special gommage cleansing with a liquid volcanic rock extraction stage, finished with a massage complemented by a Vitamin C masque to recharge men's natural skin radiance..

 The liquid volcanic rock extraction process uses a technology that makes essential trace elements bio-available directly to the skin cells.


 1) Following a cleanse and exfoliation phase with the Homme Facial cleanser with micro-grains, the clay-based cleanser is left on the skin as a mask to create a detoxifying, radiance effect. The scalp is massaged with the Homme Vitality Capillary Lotion (vitamin B5 and H, amino acids) to create a tonic effect and help prevent hair loss and dandruff. Followed by hot towels on the face and neck.

 2) A professional-only Homme Age Defying Face Serum ampoule with active vegetal complex is then infused and massaged into the skin with a modelling cream adapted for men's skin concerns.

 3) This is followed by the application of a personalised Sothys professional mask to suit the skin type.

 4) The Homme Age-Defying Hydrating Fluid is applied to complete the treatment. The result is a clearer, smoother more radiant skin with a total sense of relaxation and wellbeing.



Seasonal Facials


The originality of Sothys seasonal skincare...

An original concept combining chronobiology and delicious flavours to reveal your skin’s radiance, season by season. In autumn, your skin is weaker. In winter, it slows down. Dull and tired, it needs to boost its defence system to face the attacks of the cold season. Give your skin everything it needs to be radiant this winter!


Just like nature, our skin changes with the rhythms of the seasons.  In order to offer the skin all the essential elements it needs to perform at its peak, Sothys introduces two yearly Seasonal Facials.  Inspired by the riches of nature, each collection of seasonal care combines a cocktail of original active ingredients and memorable fragrances to create a perfect environment in tune with nature.


A delicious Seasonal Skin Care treatment good enough to eat!


Sothys latest edition of the Professional Seasonal Treatment series features citrus extracts of Pink Grapefruit and Orange. With energizing vitamins, minerals and amino acids and Shea butter to nourish and protect from the harsh summer sun the treatment has revitalizing effects on all skin types.


The exotic Grapefruit Vitaminised Fluid with its rich mineral content and fresh aromas is offered as your Gift following the intensive treatment.


We will be adopting a new rhythm Autumn/Winter!


It starts with a large boost of oxygen...


Your skin produces millions of toxins every day, without counting those that come from external factors such as stress and pollution... They asphyxiate your skin and make it harder for it to renew itself, so you need to help it breathe.


Followed by a dose of minerals...

Essential to the balance of your skin, minerals are a vital source of energy.

And to finish, some delicious scents...

Let yourself be tempted by the delicious, fruity notes of the blackberry-apple scent in Autumn-Winter.

The Sothys Solution


Treatment: oxygenating seasonal treatment

Treatment with delicious notes of apple and blackberry:
scrub, mask and relaxing modelling for revitalised, resplendent skin in 45 minutes.


A new home beauty ritual ! 


> Oxy-mineral treatment

An essential dose of minerals and a boost of oxygen to combat winter.


The Oxy-mineral treatment is an essential new step, to be used in addition to your normal beauty ritual for 21 days. Containing a complex of multifunctional antitoxins and a cocktail of minerals, it helps your skin to cope with the attacks of winter and restores its radiance.


> 2-in-1 mask exfoliant

Scrub and mask in 1 product: guaranteed efficiency and convenience!


Scrub containing grains to remove impurities from the skin. Used as a mask, it provides oxygen to the skin. Rich in pink clay, it makes your skin soft and radiant.


*Self-evaluation by 20 people. 85% of people feel the product boosts the effects of their usual skin treatment. Application twice a day for 21 days.



Collagen Hyaluronic



Collagen Hyaluronic Intensive Treatment


Cosmeceutical Anti-Ageing Technology


Immediate and lasting results. Your skin doesn't have to be the same age as you! It is a Targeted Cosmeceutical Anti-Ageing Skin Resurfacing for each skin age. Only realeased to Professional Sothys skin care institutes and Spas only.


 SOTHYS Collagen Hyaluronic is both an ageing skin prevention and wrinkle treatment cure in a five phase treatment method. Available only through SOTHYS professional skin care salons.


Treatment Product Review


Following a specified diagnostic method, where the skin's grade is determined, the treatment begins with a Mineral Micro-Dermabrasion to refine the skins texture.

The second phase is an "injection-like" effect with a Wrinkle-Filler based on soluble fractions of Hyaluronic Acid focusing on the individual lines and wrinkles.


Tonic infusion of an Elastin stimulating serum is then followed by a Plumping-Balm to redensify the skin during a relaxing facial contouring massage.


The final phase is the infusion of a Collagen lifting mask to support and reconstruct and improve the hydration capacity of the skin.


To support the intensive treatment there are Cosmeceutical Serums for client home care following the intensive treatment, based on H2CR™ a unique and patented extract developed by Sothys. They are designed to boost the health of the cells in the new cellular level, resulting in a resurfacing of the skin and are targeted to treat each different grade of skin age.


  • Grade 1 serum with an energy booster revitalises the skin to prevent or diminish the appearance of first wrinkles, smooths the complexion and energises the skin.
  • Grade 2 serum fills the wrinkles, lifts, tones and shapes the curve of the face, smoothing and protecting the complexion.
  • Grade 3 serum remodels the density and elasticity of the face regaining the firmer appearance of a younger skin.
  • Grade 4 serum, due for release in 2010 along with new anti ageing creams improves the appearance of deep wrinkles and imbues the overall texture of the skin with a greater luminosity.