SOTHYS potent Immuniscience formulations yield exceptional results on sensitive and reactive skin types. Synergistic active ingredients work together to ensure softness and lasting comfort to very delicate skin and assists in calming and soothing irritated reactions. Immuniscience leaves the skin relaxed and strengthened thanks to its unique ingredient, Photonyl®. The Immuniscience line is free of aromatic perfumes and colour which may irritate delicate and sensitive skin.

Immuniscience Fluid

A light textured emulsion designed to target ultra-sensitive and reactive skin types. Suited to fine, delicate skin. Use the Immuniscience Serum under the fluid to calm irritation and inflammation reactions. Drier sensitive skin may need to use the Immuniscience Cream. The Fluid is an ideal texture following shaving to calm and hydrate the skin, and is well appreciated by men and women for its neutral fragrance and easy spreading fluid emulsion.

(Photonyl, osmocide, centaurium, UV light filter)

Immuniscience Cream

A protective, emollient-balm textured formula, with a soft matt finish on the skin providing an anti-stress barrier protecting the skin from daily aggressors. This cream is ideally partnered with the Immuniscience Serum under the cream to potentiate the calming, anti-irritant action in combination, also providing additional hydration and protection from the elements.

(Photonyl, Water Hyssop, fitoderm, filagrinol, UV light filter)

Immuniscience Calming Serum

A lighter emulsion than the Immuniscience Fluid, this fine serum has been specially created to help sedate ultra-sensitive, reactive skin irritation and inflammation. Lily flower extract and a derivative of Vitamin E reinforces the skin's natural defence and assists in neutralising irritant factors; a natural Liquorice extract and Allantoin reduces the sensations of inflammation (redness, tightness, prickly sensations...). The skin becomes cooler, smooth, supple and comfortable. Apply morning and evening, on a cleansed skin, to both face and neck, and infuse. Apply Fluid or Cream over this Serum.

(Lily, Vitamin E, Licorice, Allantoin)

Immuniscience Mask

A creamy soft clay mask calms and soothes skin sensitivity and has an immediate soothing action on ultra-sensitive skin. Recommended for fine, delicate and sensitive skin.

(Photonyl, osmocide, witch hazel, avocado oil, soft clay)