Oily Skin? No Problem


As its name implies, oily skin is slightly to moderately oily. This is caused by the overproduction of sebum (oil) by the sebaceous glands. There is usually an oily zone consisting on the forehead, nose and chin. Oily complexions are prone to clogged pores, blackheads, and buildup of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin.

Sothys Oily Skin Line gently balances skin prone to shininess, enlarged pores and small blemishes. The ultra-light textures immediately provide comfort and a matt finish, and prevents breakouts.

Oily skin with blemish

A product line to work in synergy to normalize sebaceous oil secretions while maintaining essential moisture. To treat blemishes, prevent blackheads and reveal a flawless complexion. 

These products answer the cosmetic demands of excess sebum flow which may cause congestion and asphyxiation of the tissues in an oily skin (particularly during times of high temperatures and humidity, or pre and during menstruation).


Oily Skin Line

Hydra- Matt Fluid

 A special light fluid, non-oily formulation designed to absorb excess oil flow secreted onto the skin (reducing the oily shine on the skin). Use under make-up when a "matt" texture is required, or on all skin types during humid periods. Preferably used during the day over Oil-control serum.

(absorbing powders, protein and vitamin complex)

Repairing Active Cream

 Designed to combat blemishes/eruptions which occur with excessively oily skin particularly around menstruation. It absorbs secretions while hydrating the skin. Particularly good for asphyxiated/clogged skins. Use day or night, over either Oil-control or Purifying serum.

(grain extracts, liquorice extract, allantoin)

Clarifying Correcting Serum (Concentrate)

 Recommended for oily problem skins or where there are persistent eruptions. This product contains concentrated plant extracts so use only as a 'spot' serum, specifically on those problem areas.

(zinc, hydrosoluble vitamins, liquorice, lichen extracts)


Absorbent Mask

 Absorbs excessive oil secretions, eliminates impurities and lightens the complexion while refining the skin's tissues.

(titanium oxide, zinc oxide, kaolin, menthol, apricot extract)