Hydro Protective Line 


The products of this line are especially designed for naturally balanced skin with a tendency towards a combination of slightly oilier T zone and drier cheeks. The sophisticated Hydra Protective line with Chaparral extract helps the skin maintain its bloom and freshness leaving it supple, healthy and protected from the effects of the environment.


Hydra- Protective Softening Emulsion

A light fluid emulsion that protects the skin, maintaining its hydration while leaving it perfectly matt with the sensation of fresh velvety-soft skin. This emulsion with oil absorbing powders is recommended for normal skin with a tendency to oiliness, or most skin types during the warm, humid summer months.

(Chaparral extract, bio-ecolia, sunflower oil, matifying powders)

Hydra- Protective Cream

Protection and skin comfort is paramount with this treatment cream designed for normal skin with dehydration tendencies. A buttery textured but non-comedogenic formula suited to skin needing a protective shield while encouraging cellular exchanges.

(Chaparral, Vegetal Filatov Extracts, Shea butter)


Hydra- Protective Vitamin Serum

A cocktail of powerful antioxidants for a radiant skin. This beautiful fluid serum gives an immediate sensation of hydration. Apply under Hydra Protective treatment creams to intensify their results.

(Chaparral, Strawberry extracts, Hydrating complex, Vitamin/mineral complex)

Hydra- Protective Vitality Mask

This mask has an active astringent, cleansing and unclogging action. It leaves the skin soft and luminous, deeply cleansed and smoothed. Apply thinly twice a week to a cleansed skin for optimum results.

(Chaparral, Matifying complex, witchazel, corn germ oil)