Sothys Perfect Skin


The [W.] Lightening principal has been created to target excessive or uneven pigmented brown patches or cloasma in the skin. The actives in this line are resigned to promote the prevention of excessive melanisation by helping inhibit a co-enzyme in the epidermis which can trigger the release of increased melanin

 [W.] Lightening Lotion

 A refining lotion based on Papaya and lemon extracts, to be used as part of an intensive homecare regime for lightening hyper- pigmentation stains in the skin. Apply on a cotton pad following cleansing with a Sothys cleansing milk recommended by your Sothys Beauty Therapist. The [W.] Serum and [W.] Fliud can be applied over the entire visage and the effect can be enhanced by the [W.] Lightening Powder.

(Papaya emzyme, lemon extract)

 [W.] Double Lightening Serum

 The [W.] Double Lightening Serum with a dual action pump flask, focuses on the different needs and biological activities of the skin during the day and during the night with ingrediants to prevent excessive melanisation by helping to inhibit melanin transfer during the day while encouraging gentle micro- exfoliation of the skin at night.

(AM) Active Lightening Serum: White Tea extract, Agarium extract, MSH- control TM, Camomile, Licorice.

(PM) Soft Peel: AHA/bHA, Papaya enzyme, Lemon extract.

[W.] Lightening Touch Up Powder

This is a fine white concealing powder with active lightening ingredients which can be used to intensify the daily skin care as well as create an aesthetic, matt finish to skin with pigmentation concerns.


[W.] Lightening Hydrating Day Fluid

The [W.] Lightening Hydrating Day Fluid has been created as an active protective formulation to be used with the [W.] Double Lightening Serum. For optimum results this formulation should be applied over the [W.] Double Lightening Serum in day use.

(White Tea extract, Agarium extract, MSH-controlTM)