Clarte & Confort


Sothys have created a unique and powerfully active line Clarte & Confort, for skin with zones of fragile capillaries. This skin type is easily affected by the environment, or by various physiological changes (particularly pre and during menstruation) when there is increased flushing in the face and neck. The combined products of this line ensure a reduction in high colour, with softness and lasting comfort to the skin.

 Clarte and Confort Light Cream

 Created for normal-combination skin with fine fragile capillaries, or for all skin types with fragile capillaries during the hot humid period of the year. This light textured treatment cream is instantly cooling and refreshing and melts into the skin rapidly leaving it protected and moisturised.

(Hazel Tree extract, Mint Extract, Yeast with Vitamin PP)

Retail: 50ml tube

Clarte and Confort Protective Cream

 Recommended for drier or dehydrated skin with fragile capillaries, and with prematurely ageing skin concerns. This protective treatment cream soothes and strengthens skin with flushing tendencies. The hydrating and repairing action of the wild mango butter supports the active calming ingredients.

(Wild Mango Butter, Hazel Tree extract, Mint Polyphenols, Yeast with Vitamin PP)

Retail: 50ml tube

Clarte and Confort Concentrate Serum

 An intensive and highly concentrated cosmeceutical serum to bring relief to highly reddened zones of fragile capillaries. This dynamically effective serum reduces the blotchy redness associated with couperose and is essential to use under the Clarte & Confort treatment cream to potentiate and intensify their results. It may also be effective in reducing redness in skin with Rosacea or Seborrhoeic dermatitis. It naturally helps to improve micro circulation by strengthening the capillary wall and stimulate beta endorphins in the skin to create a calming sensation in the skin.

(Hazel tree extract, Mint Polyphenols, Bilberry, Lemon & Ruscus)

Retail: 30ml dropper flask

Clarte and Confort Treatment Masque

A beautiful, creamy soft clay mask has instant calming, anti-redness effects on skins on reddened zones with flushed capillaries. Also helps to soothe skins after waxing or laser treatment by stimulating the skins own endorphins via the Mint polyphenols.

(Hazel Tree extract, Mint Polyphenols, Yeast with Vitamin PP, Mango Extract, Soft clay)

Retail: 50ml tube