Fundamental Specialised Skin Care for Outstanding Results


A complete range of skin care products and treatments designed to regulate and maintain the skin's hydration and protection on a daily basis, balancing the varying degrees of essential lipids from dry to oily skin as well as ameliorating sensitive, fragile capillary (couperose) flushed skin.

All the products of this range have been created to 'mix & match' and work synergistically for an individual skin care regime.


Eye Care LineEye Care Line


The skin around the eye contour area is extremely fine textured, and with no active oil glands can be vulnerable to the aggression of sun, wind and stress, and in particular, sensitive to environmental pollutants. It is essential to prevent deterioration of this sensitive area by using an eye contour care from 20 years onwards.  More..

sunscreenSOTHYS Sun Shield


UV Protectors  / 365 day usage protection


Sothys LighteningLightening Line

The [W.] Lightening principal has been created to target excessive or uneven pigmented brown patches or cloasma in the skin. The actives in this line are designed to promote the prevention of excessive melanisation by helping inhibit a co-enzyme in the epidermis which can trigger the release of increased melanin  More..

Oily Skin Line

Oily Skin Line


 These products answer the cosmetic demands of excess sebum flow which may cause congestion and asphyxiation of the tissues in an oily skin (particularly during times of high temperatures and humidity, or pre and during menstruation).

Sothys oily Skin line addresses the problem of eruptions and the formation of blackheads, refines open pores and absorbs the shiny film that can form on the skin during the day.  More..

Ploblem Skin LineProblem Skin Line (Correcting)


This treatment line is designed to target skin showing signs of oily impurities. In particular, this line is recommended for skin with acne or hardened sebaceous lumps appearing on the jaw line, neck and back as a typical pattern. This can be seen as an inflamed mature-onset acne and is often difficult to resolve with conventional oily skin treatments: A specific skin care regime is required.  The Correcting line includes a serum and treatment cream to assist in the management of oily problem skin. It is imperative to maintain a diligent regime of cleansing, exfoliating and biological cleansing in support of the products in this line.More..

Normal Combination SkinNormal Combination Skin - Hydra Protective


The products of this line are especially designed for naturally balanced skin with a tendency towards a combination of slightly oilier T zone and drier cheeks. The sophisticated Hydra Protective line with Chaparral extract helps the skin maintain its bloom and freshness leaving it supple, healthy and protected from the effects of the environment. More..

Dry Skin LineDry Skin Line - Nutrasys


SOTHYS Dry Skin line has been created for skin with diminished essential hydrating lipids (oils), resulting in a rough texture and "tight" sensation (often resulting in sensitised skin). These products are designed to improve the vital texture and natural protection of the tissues by keeping them moist and nourished with softness, comfort and an aura of radiance. The essential ingredients maintain a supple skin appearance with extensive protection against dehydration from drying elements: Low ambient humidity air-conditioning and artificial heating, cold winds and extremes of weather.  More.. 

Sothys Sensitive SkinSensitive Skin Line - Immuniscience

SOTHYS potent Immuniscience formulations yield exceptional results on sensitive and reactive skin types. Synergistic active ingredients work together to ensure softness and lasting comfort to very delicate skin and assists in calming and soothing irritated reactions. Immuniscience leaves the skin relaxed and strengthened thanks to its unique ingredient, Photonyl®. The Immuniscience line is free of aromatic perfumes and colour which may irritate delicate and sensitive skin. More..

Fragile Capillaries LineFragile Capillaries Line


Sothys have created a unique and powerfully active line Clarte & Confort, for skin with zones of fragile capillaries. This skin type is easily affected by the environment, or by various physiological changes (particularly pre and during menstruation) when there is increased flushing in the face and neck. The combined products of this line ensure a reduction in high colour, with softness and lasting comfort to the skin. More..