The skin around the eye contour area is extremely fine textured, and with no active oil glands can be vulnerable to the aggression of sun, wind and stress, and in particular, sensitive to environmental pollutants. It is essential to prevent deterioration of this sensitive area by using an eye contour care from 20 years onwards.


Bi-phased Eye and Lip Make up Remover

The eye makeup remover for waterproof eye makeup and lipstick is a bi-phased formulation, opthalmologically tested, without perfume or colouring, leaving the delicate skin around the eye area soft and protected. The eye makeup remover contains key ingredients: soothing licorice extracts, chosen for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oedema actions, and mallow extract, which is an ancient remedy known for its softening and repairing effects on the skin.


NB: Due to the oil/ water bi-phased nature of the product shake the flask well before use.

(Licorice, mallow, bi-phased oil/water emulsion)

Eye Age Defying Cream

Sothys new generation EyeActive-Contour is a fragrance-free cream formulation with high skin-tolerance suited to the most sensitive skin. Hygienically presented in an airless pump flask, this scientific formulation is rich in active ingredients selected for their targeted complementary actions of desensitising, hydration, anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidant effects.

TheWater Lily extract assists in decreasing any irritated sensation around the eye zone...(heating, stinging sensation) and when tested under an ophthalmologically controlled environment the formula was found to have a very high skin tolerance, suited to all skin types.

(Water lily extracts, yeast extracts, corn proteins, caffeine, hydra* softening complex, centella asiatica, anti-oxidant complex.)


Eye Destressing Gel Mask

Targets tiredness and puffiness of the eye contour and offers quick results as an anti-fatigue mask, with additional actives to encourage micro-circulation in cases of dark circles or excess fluid around the eye contour. In some skins itmay be used as an alternative to EyeActive-Contour Cream for short periods.

(Cornflower, Alchemile, Witchazel, Chamomile, Corn proteins)