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A dry skin loses its natural and essential protective functions. A dull, tight and irritated complexion exacerbates the signs of aging causing the skin to appear older. 

Whether you suffer from chronic dry skin due to genetics or aging, or you have temporary or occasional dryness due to environmental factors, the Nutritive products help to restore skin’s structure and function, while rebalancing the natural oil production and lipid formulation.

If dry skin is not treated, it ages prematurely: lines and wrinkles, expression lines and other signs of premature aging appear.

SOTHYS Dry Skin line has been created for skin with diminished essential hydrating lipids (oils), resulting in a rough texture and "tight" sensation (often resulting in sensitised skin). These products are designed to improve the vital texture and natural protection of the tissues by keeping them moist and nourished with softness, comfort and an aura of radiance. The essential ingredients maintain a supple skin appearance with extensive protection against dehydration from drying elements: Low ambient humidity air-conditioning and artificial heating, cold winds and extremes of weather.

Nutritive line

Nutritive line

Nourishes, protects and restores balance to a dry skin type. Skin lacking natural oils needs specific treatment to increase cell cohesion and minimize water loss.

About Nutri-Omega 3, 6 9 Complex

The key active in the Sothys Nutritive Comfort Cream and Essential Lipid Elixir, the Nutri-Omega 3, 6, 9 is a complex of ceramides, omegas and phytosterols which effectively repair porous weak intercellular cement of dry skin keeping the skin hydrated and free of irritation.

Nutritive Comfort Cream

This luxurious cream comforts and nourishes skin instantly delivering immediate and long lasting results.  Formulated with polysaccharides to help restructure the epidermis and reinforce the skin’s barrier function, helping skin retain moisture.  It also helps skin regain strength and stay hydrated to fight signs of aging leaving a soft, silky complexion.

Nutritive Essential Lipid Elixir

This hydrating elixir is designed to target dry skin at its source. The non-oily formula restructures the barrier function of the skin by intensely replenishing lipids at the intercellular level, immediately relieving symptoms of dryness while soothing dehydrated, fragile skin. Formulated with alpha-bisabolol and jojoba and rice bran oils to immediately nourish and soothe skin.

For optimal results, use this elixir before the Nutritive Comfort Cream when dry skin needs immediate care.

Nutrithys: Dry Skin Cream

 Nourishes and softens drier skin by preventing epidermal water loss. This protective, non-greasy formula improves the skin's suppleness by reconstituting the cutaneous lipidic film. The skin is left dewy and soft. Excellent moisture protection for "winter skins"...a must for ski bunnies!

(Photopreventin®, ceramides, cohesine®, lipids)

Nutrithys: Ultra- Dry Skin Cream

 Rich vegetal emollients and sophisticated moisturising extracts protect and re-balance very dry, tight and undernourished skin. Tight, dry skin is relaxed, irritated and sensitised skin feels smoothed, calm and nourished with the essential lipids providing hydration and lasting protection. Ideal for harsh, cold and dry weather skin.

(Photopreventin®, ceramides, cohesine®, filagrinol®, fitoderm®, shea butter)

Nutrithys: Dry Skin Serum

 Soft and light in texture, the superfine emollient oil extracts reinforce the skin's hydrating power. These fine vegetal oils smooth the skin leaving the skin's tissues feeling radiant and velvety to the touch. Use under either Nutrithys cream.

(Superfine vegetable oils. hazelnut oil & rice husk oil, unsaturated essential fatty acids, gammaorizanol)