Cleansers & Peels

 Sothys Cleansers & Peels


SOTHYS have perfected a second phase of very important deep biological cleansers designed to intensely cleanse the skin's tissues, emulsifying environmental impurities and physiological wastes (waxy esters and fat accumulations) that may not be eliminated through the normal daily cleansing routine.

 These waste residues can form as milia (hard waxy deposits under the skin's surface) and blackheads over a period of time.

 Gommage Exfoliant



This is an extremely effective peeler. It is designed to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells and excess sebum deposits, refining the complexion, brightening and smoothing the skin. The Gommage Exfoliant is based on carob gum, oat flour extract and beeswax, and is gentle enough for all types of skin including delicate skin. The oat flour extract has calming properties while efficiently absorbing dead skin cells. Combined with carob gum and beeswax, which provide a skin bonding resin to absorb the excess build up of sebum and dead skin cells, the Gommage leaves the skin with a refined texture, lightens the pigmented melanin grain and smoothes the features of the visage. SOTHYS believe harsh scrubs and peels should be avoided on the face as they can scratch the skin and cause inflammation, aggravate fragile capillaries, and sensitise the skin. The Gommage is recommended prior to the use of Desquacrem or Morning Cleanser to help the penetration and the emulsifying action of these deep biological cleansers.


Skin types:

All skin types benefit from the regular use of Gommage. Twice weekly is recommended for normal skin, and sun damaged or thickened skin can use the Gommage more frequently.



Gentle, non-abrasive formulation, suits all skin types, lightens and refines skin texture, assists absorption of treatment serums and creams.

(oat extract, carob gum, derivatives of beeswax)


desquacrem.pngA deep biological cleanser of remarkable efficiency, Desquacrem has perfect affinity with the skin's tissues, emulsifying waste accumulations excreted by the skin and the daily environmental pollutants the skin absorbs.

Desquacrem is designed to digest fatty excretions and disencrust the follicular orifice, enzymatically emulsifying waxy esters (oily impurities), comedones (blackheads) and milia (hard waxy deposits) accumulating deeper in the tissues. Desquacrem prepares the skin to absorb serums and treatment creams allowing for a more efficient utilisation of their active ingredients. A non-alkaline, pH balanced formulation that deeply cleanses the skin without the skin feeling stripped or tight.


The use of Gommage Exfoliant prior to the application of Desquacrem gives a double action peeling and deep biological cleansing in perfect synergy, increasing the efficiency of both products on all skin types.


Skin types:


All skin types (except very sensitive/reactive skin), Normal-combination skin, oily skin, oil-congested (clogged) acne skin, hyper-pigmentation and sun-damaged skin.

 Twice weekly usage is recommended for normal skin. Oily congested skin can use Desquacrem up to three times weekly.



Deep enzymatic action on fatty deposits leaving the skin brightened and lightened, assisting absorption of treatment serums and creams, can be used conveniently in the shower, and is easily taken when travelling.

(coco lipo-amino acid salts, fatty acid emulsifiers)

 Morning Cleanser


 A half strength Desquacrem designed for more delicate skin which may be used on a daily basis. Its deep cleansing emulsifying base allows it to be used as an alternative cleansing preparation to SOTHYS cleansing milks in the morning.

Fine, drier skin can still build up waxy deposits and need a gentle deep cleanser to digest these deposits while calming and protecting the skin. Morning Cleanser is the perfect answer to this skin type.


Skin types:


Dry or sensitive skin with superficial clogging.



Softens the skin and prevents superficial clogging, gives the skin a radiance and vitality, a deep cleanser gentle enough for delicate skin.

(sweet almond oil, shea nut butter, camomile extract, coco lipo-amino acid salts)

 Purifying Foaming Gel



 A non-alkaline, gentle cleansing gel designed for very oily skin to maintain a matt complexion. The Purifying Gel is designed for use as an alternative to SOTHYS Purifying Cleansing Milk during the hot, humid months of the year. A popular cleansing product for male clients and for younger skin.

Please note this is not a substitute for the deep biological cleansing action or Desquacrem.