Waxing for Women & Men


Elegant Image specialises in all over body waxing for men and women. All waxing treatments are undertaken after consultation and at the discretion of our aestheticians.


To achieve best results we use warm wax and hot wax during the procedure.


The procedures are simple;


Strip Waxing


With its ability to remove hairs quickly and efficiently Hot Waxing is the most popular used methods. The wax is applied eyewax.pngsparingly and removed straight after; it is not left on the skin to dry like hot wax. It is very easy to control the application of the Strip Wax making it ideal for facial hair removal e.g. lips, chin, eyebrows and sideburns. Typically Strip Wax consists of resin, paraffin wax, glucose syrup and honey.


Strip wax is applied to the skin in a very thin layer using single use disposable spatulas. A paper strip is then pressed on the waxed area and removed quickly causing minimum discomfort. Sometimes slighter reddening may appear to the skin afterwards but this is completely normal and will fade in a few hours.

Advantages of Strip Waxing

  • The procedure is much quicker than hot wax
  •  Larger areas can be waxed at once
  • It is suitable for most hair types fine and coarse.
  • It can remove strong deep rooted hairs successfully
  • Hair re-growth is finer



Hot (Warm) Waxing


Hot wax depilation has been available over many years but more recently is not as common as Strip Wax. Hot Wax typically consists of beeswax and a resin. It is melted to a thicker consistency than Strip Wax:


Hot Wax is applied to the skin with single use disposable spatulas, it coats the hair with a thick layer. As the wax cools it becomes firmer contracting around the hair and gripping them tightly. Thelegwax.png wax remains on the skin until it becomes opaque in colour-drying to form a slight tacky consistency. It is then pulled off the skin with a fast movement.


Advantages of Hot Waxing


  • It works well onto small patches of strong coarse hair
  • The wax get a better grip of the hair than warm wax
  • It does not leave a sticky residue like warm wax
  • It is a good for removing shorter hairs
  • Possibly more suited to those with sensitive skin
  • There is less reddening on the skin following waxing


What you can expect from Elegant Image


1. First the aesthetician will discuss the hair removal process. The areas to be waxed will be examined and any issues concerning the epilation process will be discussed prior to commencement of the procedure. The areas to be waxed are then cleansed.

2. The wax is melted and maintained heated in warmers, it is applied to the skin with small single use disposable wooden spatulas. Once wax is applied the aesthetician places a strips of disposable waxing material over the wax. The wax is allowed to cool and then the strip is removed quickly. The cloth is pulled in the opposite direction of the hair growth at about a 45 degree angle to remove the unwanted hair. New disposable paper strips are used for each waxing and the used strips are immediately disposed of.  

3. On removal of the strip, to minimise any discomfort hand pressure is immediately applied to the waxed area.

4. After waxing the aesthetician will remove all remaining traces of wax from the skin and apply a hair retardant. To minimise redness and to  soothe and calm the skin an antiseptic lotion is then applied. 


Elegant Image only use new disposable wax and waxing items during each treatment.


  • We minimise the risk of skin irritation by using Strawberry Strip Wax on tender skin areas such as the face, underarm and bikini line.
  • We cleanse the area to be treated prior to any waxing treatment.
  • After waxing, all remaining traces of wax are removed and a Tea Tree antiseptic lotion is applied to sanitise, soothe and calm the skin.
  • To finalise the treatment and maximise the waxing results we apply a hair growth retardant.


Brazilian Waxing


Many women and men ask us if we do Brazilian waxing, the short answer is yes. 


The act of removing all hair from the vagina or penis area sounds extreme but it is not as painful as you might think, Historically the Brazilian was Introduced to New Yorkers in 1987, when seven Brazilian sisters, Jocely, Jonice, Joyce, Janea, Jussara, Juracy, and Judseia Padilha opened J. Sisters International Salon in midtown Manhattan. After which women's bikini lines were changed forever!


The Brazilian wax is an acquired taste and is not for everyone. Some clients have several each year while for others it's just too much to bear. For those of you interested in modelling it's a must, but we recommend a lead up before you take the plunge.


At Elegant Image, Brazilian waxing involves spreading Strip Wax to your buttocks and Hot Wax to the more sensitive vaginal/penile areas with single use disposable wooden spatulas. Where required strips of disposable waxing paper may be used, these are patted over the wax, then pulled off. Just don't be alarmed if the waxer throws your legs over your shoulder, or asks you to moon them, this is normal and ensures there are no stray hairs. Tweezers are also used for the more delicate areas.


Nobody really likes hair in their private regions and it has a childlike appeal. Both men and women love it, and are eternally curious about it. Your Brazilian Wax will last for about one to two months before stubble appears, it may we itchy as it grows and watch out for ingrown hairs. A word of warning, don't try this a home, you really do need to seek an experienced professional aesthetician.


Understanding Waxing


Waxing is a form of EPILATION; this simply means the hair is removed below the surface of the skin. The advantage of epilation over depilation (hair removed at the skin line - shaving etc.) is that it will take longer for the hair to grow back. Also if epilation is performed repeatedly on the same area over a prolonged period of time, the quantity of hair will be permanently reduced. Other epilation methods to waxing include; tweezing, laser, IPL and electrolysis.


Waxing is the most effective method of removing unwanted hair in both large and small areas. Hair can be removed with a minimum amount of discomfort. There are three types of waxing techniques;


1. The first and most common method is Strip Waxing.

2. The second most common is Hot Waxing.
2. The third method is cold waxing. Cold waxing is the method that most people use at home. Cold wax can be sourced at supermarkets  etc. and it usually is supplied in tubes. The directions on the package are usually easy to follow.


Without any doubt Hot and Strip waxing are more effective then cold waxing and along with IPL are the types of hair removal that we perform. Any hair bearing area can be safely waxed including the moustache, chin, eyebrows, legs and bikini line.





Caution!! If you are using any medication let your aesthetician know. 


If you are at all unsure please consult your physician.