The GentleTouch teeth whitening system is a method of bleaching stained teeth. It is proven to be safe, easy and free from side effects such as teeth sensitivity. 


The Gentle Touch teeth whitening system is performed by applying the specially formulated Gentle Touch whitening solution gel with an active but safe ingredient. The whitening gel used has a substance that is also a food stabilizer, which means it is guaranteed safe and gentle to the gums.


There is no need to use mouthpiece trays during this treatment as the process is not messy and the substance used is non-toxic. Clients are also assured they will not experience tooth sensitivity after the treatment.


Once the GentleTouch whitening gel is evenly applied, the therapist will use the GentleTouch Whitening Light to target the teeth and activate the concentrated whitening solution. Note.. that the light used is not laser light. This method is guaranteed safe and fast with treatment normally lasting only about 40 minutes.


The GentleTouch teeth whitening system treatment is a one time process that could last a long time although it would still depend on the intake of food and beverages. Food and beverages contain elements that cause teeth stains. When teeth become stained again, repeated treatment is required. Another good thing about this treatment is that it does not damage teeth fillings, crowns or porcelain and acrylic caps. Instead, in many cases they will be whitened and restored to their original color. Using the Gentle Touch teeth whitening system has many advantages such as.


-> Guaranteed 100% safe
-> No after-effects and no teeth sensitivity
-> Safe to the gums
-> Non-toxic substance used
-> Less expensive
-> Fast and hassle-free procedure
-> Gentle LED light is used (not heat nor laser)


The GentleTouch teeth whitening system is a great alternative to over-the-counter teeth bleaching kits and laser teeth whitening system, which typically have the following disadvantages:


-> Use of Hydrogen Peroxide in the whitening solution, which is harmful to the gums
-> Use of standard-sized mouthpiece trays that do not cover the entire teeth causing the whitening gel to touch the gums, which may lead to gum irritations
-> Messy procedure
-> Does not work on people with false teeth, dentures, crowns and tooth fillings
-> Laser teeth bleaching is very expensive ($600 to $1000)
-> Laser teeth bleaching uses a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide


For those undergoing the Gentle Touch teeth whitening system treatment, make sure to eat prior to your appointment. If possible, brush your teeth after eating before you come to the Salon. Try to avoid eating dark foods such as coffee, tea, red wine or cola for 24 hours after your treatment. Daily flossing after treatment is also recommended.


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GentleTouch Testimonials


The GentleTouch approach emulates a comfortable spa environment and experience. My teeth were noticeably whiter and I am certain everyone will enjoy the treatment. 

Elsa Kruger Shape magazine


“I sat back closed my eyes, listened to music and voila! 45 minutes and no stress later, my teeth were whiter and brighter.”

Ingrid Wood Elle Magazine