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A vital part of our clinical skin analysis equipment is the Canfield product RevealTM Imager, this device combines functionality and elegance in a high tech facial imaging system. Using Canfield's exclusive RBX and patent-pending IntelliFlashTM Technologies (the same technologies employed in hospitals, research laboratories and high-end skin care practices), In combination they highlight the skins subsurface vascular (red) and melanin (brown)  features, this allows our skin care professionals to tailor highly targeted treatment recommendations specifically for you.




Some of the Reveal Systems features include: 


Reproducible facial photography

Ensures reproducibility of images between time-points with its built-in positioning aids and standardised lighting.


Multi-mode illumination

Reveal uses standard white light and cross-polarized flash photography to record surface and sub-surface skin condition.


RBX® Technology

The new RBX Technology from Canfield provides extraordinary visualisation of subsurface melanin and vascular conditions.


Zoom & pan

You can interact with our trained aestheticians as they Instantly zoom in and magnify image areas for close examination.


Printed reports

We provide each client with easy-to understand reports that includes the clients pictures, treatment notes and product recommendations.


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