Our Palomar StarLux® Evolves Beyond IPL/Laser systems


Why Palomar Starlux?

Elegant Image invested a significant amount of time and research to find the right system to provide our clients with the best results.  The Palomar StarLux system chosen has emerged as the next generation of Pulsed Light System for cosmetic procedures. We feel this has vindicate our $200,000+ investment. This StarLux system allows us to offer the world's best modalities and practices for the treatment of unwanted hair, vascular lesions and pigmented spots.

The Palomar Starlux is a medical-grade IPL system that is manufactured in the United States by Palomar Medical Technologies. This company has been a prominent leader in the medical cosmetic industry for over 20 years and continue to carry out extensive research and development to provide the most comfortable and effective treatments for their clients.


The Starlux system has many advantages over its competitors:

* Large spot size for faster treatments
* High Repetition rate for faster treatments
* High medical-strength power for best results
* Patented contact-cooling for more comfortable treatments
* No need for messy gels or lotions during treatments
* Can treat all skin types
* Minimal to no down-time


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We strive to deliver the best modalities and that is why we continually introduce the latest technologies. This policy approach ensures that our clients benefit from the latest skin care advances and ensures that our staff maintains industry best competencies. 

Our decision to introduce Laser/IPL modalities came after 6 months of painstaking research, in the end our decisions to go with the Palomar StarLux system.was based on several key technologies not available in other systems. These technologies make for safer, more effective, and more comfortable treatments, in particular for those modalities we were to spcialise in; permanent hair reduction and the removal of vascular lesions and pigmented spots.


Some of the Palomar StarLux® Systems game changers include:


IPL/Laser uses targeted broad spectrum or narrow band light that creates heat to destroy body cells. The Starlux system utilises a contact cooling hand piece designed to reduce the temperature of the skin surrounding the cell tructure being targeted. Cooling the treatment area to less than 4oC minimises collateral cellular damage, and the system's energy is emitted in a smooth pulse form rather than short bursts, this energy delivery system ensures a constant and uniform beam to further minimise cellular damage to non treatment areas areas. 
The Palomar StarLux®  offered uparalleled ipl / laser performance. Its  unique combination of integrated skin cooling, high pulse energy, tuneable pulse duration, speed, and a wide range of handpieces make it one of the most flexible systems available, furthermore it allows us to tailor modalities targeted at client specific indications and at the comfort level they prefer


StarLux® in combination with our Omnilux photodynamic therapies (PDT) see us again leading the way in technology based skincare and (as with Omnilux) we are again the first organisation in the ACT region to offer treatments utilising this ground breaking  ultra-safe and effective system.


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StarLux® Hair Reduction Features


The Speed of the StarLux®

The StarLux system is able to deliver high energy to the desired area. Its larger sized treatment tip and faster pulse rates greatly reduce treatment time.


The Comfort of the StarLux®

The StarLuxsystem uses active cooling through the handpiece's sapphire tip and cools the skin to 4 degrees centigrade. This cooling permits our aestheticians to deliver high energy pulses while providing maximum comfort and safety to the client. The feedback from recipients are particularly pleasing particularly with its efficient effect on hair removal, it is done without the discomfort associated with the bulk older laser/IPL technologies.


The Safety of the StarLux®

Palomar's unique technology ensures a constant, smooth beam throughout each pulse, without the "power spikes" that other technologies use, which can cause pain and skin damage. The full, steady coverage of the treated area by the uniform beam allows a more cost effective faster permanent reduction of hair in fewer treatments, as well as increased patient safety and comfort.


Advanced Permanent Hair Reduction

Permanent hair reduction is defined as a long-term stable reduction in the number of hairs that grow back after a treatment regime. Such hair reduction after at least one complete growth cycle (2-4 months, depending on anatomical location) is considered permanent hair reduction. Clinical trials show that most people treated with appropriate energies achieve 10-20% permanent hair reduction following each treatment and the Starlux System consistently delivers results at the higher levels.


How Does The Palomar StarLux® System Remove Hair?

Intense light emitted by the StarLux System is absorbed by the dark pigment found in hair follicles. The light is "pulsed," or turned on, for only a fraction of a second, just long enough to disable the follicle. While the light energy is delivered, the unique contact-cooling handpiece helps protect the skin through conductive cooling. Furthermore, by delivering laser energy deep into the skin, the Palomar StarLux System disables the parts of the follicle that produce hair, resulting in a consistent level of permanent hair reduction.


Does It Hurt?

While you may feel a slight tingling sensation, most people tolerate the procedure very well.


How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Multiple treatments are generally required. The actual number depends on the color of your hair and skin, as well as factors such as hormone levels and hair follicle size. Consult one of our aestheticians, they can develop a treatment program that best fulfils your individual needs.


What Should I Expect After Treatment?

After-effects vary from client to client. Typically, within several minutes, the treated area may become slightly red and puffy. This reaction subsides quickly, usually within a day. Since the StarLux does not cut the skin in any way, you can return to normal activity immediately. Most hairs fall out within 7-30 days of the treatment. Additional treatments can be scheduled every 1-3 months, until the desired endpoint is reached.


Palomar StarLux® Technology - Effective and Gentle


Contact Cooling Adds Comfort And Protection

While other hair removal methods may cause skin irritation, Palomar's unique sub-zero contact-cooling handpiece provides added protection during treatment. Gentle compression of the skin by its cool, wide sapphire surface brings laser energy closer to the parts of the skin or hair that are being treated.