Eyelash & Eyebrow


When it comes to beauty your eyes are a prime focus as in many instances they provide the first and longest lasting impression others have of you.


Your eyes give you the opportunity to reflect your personality, feelings and desires, all vital for those special occasions and first impressions.


At Elegant Image we provide a number of safe, non-invasive eye fashion services that enhance the overall appearance of your eyes and allow them project the messages you want to convey. We can have them looking soft, sultry and dreamy, wet and sensuous, ultra sharp and business like or anywhere in between..


As a rule we do not encourage permanent eye makeup as eye styles and looks are strongly influenced by fashion, something you may not be able to easily correct if permanent skin pigmenting techniques have been used. Everyone changes their look from time to time and what is done with your eyes will in most cases provide the most obvious and dramatic effect.


If you don't have any clear ideas on the look you want or whether any particular look will compliment your eye shape, we invite you to come in discuss options with our highly qualified therapists we can provide an extensive range of lash & brow services including:














 Paramedical Aestheticians


We also have Paramedical Aestheticians who are specialist in camouflage makeup. These therapists are trained to provide specialist cosmetic services for those clients needing to mask rashes and blotches resulting from illness, allergies or reactions to medication and medical procedures, wound healing, scars, skin pigmentation and disfigurements. In many circumstances these issues will require some very careful considerations particularly when they are around the eyes. Elegant Image is on a medical register of trained aestheticians and have the experience along with the willingness to work with you and your medical practitioner to ensure there are no complications arising out of your desire to improve your presentation and/or the services and products we provide.