"I found a marked improvement in skin color and texture following phototherapy with the Revive head, and noticeable improvement in fine lines and wrinkles. More importantly, so did my patients. Contrary to my initial thoughts on the system, I have found that Omnilux Revive works well in a wide age range of patients. I have seen good results in patients even in their 70's, particularly as the appearance of the skin is concerned, such as pore size and general ‘plumpness', although there is also improvement in wrinkles."


Dr Kubota MD

Head of the Japan Phototherapy Laboratory, and the Clinical Director of the Total Beauty Clinic chain

"The use of Omnilux pre and post IPL or laser treatments is where I see one of the biggest growth areas"


Dr Patrick Bowler MD 

President of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors, talking on combination therapies.

"We use Omnilux Revive for photorejuvenation. There are no side effects and good results. Omnilux has the potential to be the safest and most commonly used technology for photorejuvenation"


Dr Ron Moy MD

Los Angeles California

"I believe low intensity light only treatments allow patients to gain a level of comfort and rapport with your office and staff that is not seen with other "light devices" It allows the opportunity for information exchange regarding other surgical services of interest to the patient. Mothers often seek attention for conditions following discussions with staff during acne treatments for their children"


Dennis Branson MD

Fayetteville New York

"The Blue system definitely works on acne and is the most potent blue light source available in comparison to either the ClearLight or BLU-U."


Dr Ron Moy MD

Los Angeles California

"We performed a split face study on four patients with acne vulgaris and two patients with papulonodular rosacea. There was marked improvement on the side treated with blue light alternating with red light compared to the side treated with only blue light. We believe that the anti-inflammatory effects of the red light significantly add to the improvement of the acne and rosacea."


Dr David Sire MD

(Fullerton, California) talking on Blue and red combination therapy.