Omnilux bluetm


Omnilux blueTM is a matrix of Light Emitting Diodes (LED)s, which provide narrowband visible light. The individual LED cone angle and the spacing of the LEDs ensure uniformity of the beam for full coverage of the treatment area.

The high spectral purity also means that no UV, IR or inappropriate visible radiation is delivered, increasing both the precision and effectiveness of the treatment. Ten years of research regarding light sources for Pjoto Dynamic Therapy (PDT) ensures that all criteria for optimised efficacy of treatment are covered i.e. treatment time, intensity and wavelengths that activate relevant absorption spectra.

Omnilux blueTM has been specifically developed to target the naturally occurring photosensitiser, Coproporphyrin III, found in P.acnes bacteria.  Omnilux blueTM is the most potent blue light source in activating the target photosensitiser, producing singlet oxygen that leads to rapid eradication of the P.acnes bacteria. The output of Omnilux blueTM is also optimised to activate the photosenstiser 5-aminolaevulinic acid and is therefore ideally suited for the treatment of Actinic keratosis. Omnilux blueTM delivers 40mW/cm2 48J/ cm2 .

Acne is one of the world’s most common skin conditions, affecting over 85% of adolescents by the age of 24 years and up to 50% of adults over 25 years of age. Acne is a widespread and upsetting condition. It can produce lifelong physical and emotional scarring.


One of the key bacteria responsible for the inflammation is Propionibacterium acnes or P.acnes. These bacteria produce natural chemicals called poryphyrins. Omnilux bluetm stimulates these chemicals into synthesizing intracellular singlet oxygen - inducing bacterial death and so eradicating the inflammatory effects of acne.


Omnilux bluetm when combined with Omnilux revivetm which has anti-inflammatory properties will help to reduce the redness of acne lesions. It has also been clinically proven to stimulate fibroblasts, therefore enhancing collagen production and turnover in the skin and resulting in healthier, rejuvenated skin surrounding the acne affected area, minimizing the eventual possibility of scarring.


In the very near future we will be introducing Omnilux plustm , this will be ideal for severe acne, Omnilux plus (830nm) near infra-red light is combined with Omnilux blue treatment. Omnilux plus light penetrates deeper into the skin and is a powerful stimulating force for mast cells, neutrophils, macrophages, fibro-myocytes and keratinocytes. It encourages calcium ion production and inter-cell signalling. Omnilux plus is a potent immuno-modulating wavelength and, in addition, acts to rejuvenate the skin surrounding the acne affected area.


Omnilux combination light therapy works through the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of blue and red light. In a recent study, after just 8 treatments, subjects saw an 81% reduction in acne lesions.



Before Omnilux After 8 weeks

Before & After acne clearance after 8 weeks of Omnilux blueTM (Click to Enlarge)





Acne is a treatable medical condition


It is nothing to be ashamed of, IT IS NOT CAUSED BY BAD DIET OR GREASY FOODS. In fact, acne develops when the sebaceous glands in a person's skin produces excess sebum (oil). Sebum combines with cells that line the gland walls and it clogs the skin’s pores. Normal skin bacteria colonise these pores and the body’s response causes the inflammation or reddening of the skin that we associate with acne.  A more detailed explanation can be found at the Australian College of Dermatologists website Acne?


How Omnilux blue light therapy works

Omnilux Blue Head


Omnilux blue stimulates these chemicals and so eradicates the bacteria that cause the redness or inflammation of acne. This is combined with Omnilux revive with its anti-inflammatory properties helps to minimise the redness of acne lesions and promotes healthier skin.


The Omnilux therapy is totally non-invasive, generate no heat and works with the body's own natural processes to assist in skin rejuvenation.