Sothes Homme


Mens Skin Care Treatment (Face)

The ultimate detoxifying and de-stressing treatment for men. The natural ingredients offer hydrating results, leaving skin supple and radiant.A masculine and relaxing retreat just for him, featuring new specific men’s scent with fresh and woody notes. This invigorating yet relaxing aromatic massage is designed to relieve muscle tension and improve blood circulation. Special attention is paid to the areas of a man’s body most prone to stress and muscle tension.

No man can resist this pure bliss and relaxation.

 This 1 hour experience begins with a Sothys’ multi-phase Digi-Esthetique method of pressure-point  massage on the face, neck, upper back and scalp, followed by a special gommage cleansing with a liquid volcanic rock extraction stage, finished with a massage complemented by a Vitamin C masque to recharge men's natural skin radiance..

 The liquid volcanic rock extraction process uses a technology that makes essential trace elements bio-available directly to the skin cells.


 1) Following a cleanse and exfoliation phase with the Homme Facial cleanser with micro-grains, the clay-based cleanser is left on the skin as a mask to create a detoxifying, radiance effect. The scalp is massaged with the Homme Vitality Capillary Lotion (vitamin B5 and H, amino acids) to create a tonic effect and help prevent hair loss and dandruff. Followed by hot towels on the face and neck.

 2) A professional-only Homme Age Defying Face Serum ampoule with active vegetal complex is then infused and massaged into the skin with a modelling cream adapted for men's skin concerns.

 3) This is followed by the application of a personalised Sothys professional mask to suit the skin type.

 4) The Homme Age-Defying Hydrating Fluid is applied to complete the treatment. The result is a clearer, smoother more radiant skin with a total sense of relaxation and wellbeing.