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 Cosmeto..genomics according to Sothys.

Scientific research has always been at the heart of Sothys' approach to serious skin care and beauty. A research stream of the most recent and dynamic advances, cosmetogenomics helps them to better understand the expression of genes in the skin and identify the active ingredients designed to stimulate their functions.

The Hydradvance™ program was born of the Sothys’ advanced research team’s latest technological discoveries in gene science.  This advanced hydration GENerating program is a tailor-made solution providing incomparable moisturising power with immediate and long lasting results. SOTHYS’ boletus mushroom extract, the active ingredient in this collection, acts on two fundamental mechanisms of hydration – hydric flow, the transfer of water from the dermis to the epidermis, and barrier function, the strengthening of the surface layer to restrict moisture loss.

(1055 boletus mushroom extract: identified by Sothys Advanced Research, has been selected for its action on the genesis of hydration, enabling the skin's natural hydration capacity to be restored. Boletus is also rich in polysaccharides (hydrating sugars) and vitamins B3 and E. Combined with other active ingredients, 1055 boletus extract acts on the two fundamental mechanisms of hydration:

• hydric flow, which is the transfer of water from the dermis to the epidermis, regulating the skin's hydration
• the barrier function: the surface layer of the epidermis which restricts transepidedermal water loss (TEWL) synonymous with dehydration.)

 Treatment Product Review

 Hydradvance™ Institute Treatment acts in 5 essential phases:

 1. Exfoliate:

Hydra Exfoliating scrub has a soft, creamy texture that removes
impurities and restores incomparable suppleness to the skin, with its dual-action using grafted serine with BHA and tapioca to loosen and remove dead skin cells with a softening effect on the skin. 

2. Rehydrate:

Ultra hydration nectar provides a genuine moisturising bath for the skin.
Absorbed into a Hydra-revealer coin mask, it envelops the skin in a veil of softness and absolute comfort with an immediate hydrating complex including vegetal glycerine, urea derivatives and sodium hyaluronate. 

3. Regenerate:

Hydra Generating Modelling provides a trio of moisturising agents which act on the skin’s barrier function. This ultra-moisturising balm strengthens the skin’s barrier function, boosts the tissues and restores immediate comfort.

4. Plump:

Ultra hydration mask is a refreshing, creamy gel mask, a blend of natural starch powder and ultra hydration nectar. A "Patch Effect" that leaves the skin supple, radiant and regenerated.

 5. Rebalance:

Application of End-of-Treatment Products

Application of Intensive Hydrating Serum and appropriate Hydrating Treatment Cream. 

As dry skin will be hydrated the Hydradvancetm Professional Intensive Treatment is particularly suitable for skins lacking in lipids. For a tailored treatment of this skin type, Elegant Image will adapt Phase 4 and 5 of the treatment by:

  • Adding a few drops of Essential Lipid Elixir to the Ultrahydration Mask and
  • Applying Nutritive Comfort Cream and Intensive Hydrating Serum at the end of the treatment.