The Vitamin C Radiance Institute Treatment


The Perfect Pick-me-up for people on the go


The Flash Beauté treatment provides a powerful pickme- up cocktail for people on the go!

UV exposure, stress and pollutants can often lead to premature ageing of the skin. SOTHYS Flash Beauté Vitamin C Express treatment incorporates anti-oxidant multi vitamins together with concentrated essences of orange, mandarin and lemon, and is the ideal antidote for tired, stressed skin.

Flash Beauté salon treatment, boosted by the Noctuelle C ® treatment cream for home care,
energises your skin resulting in a radiant complexion glowing with good health.



 Sothys Flash Beaute



Treatment Product Review


Four active products contribute to the efficiency of this Institute Treatment:


  1. Aroma-Mist - a tie-on sponge bracelet that fits over the steamer arm outlet. The steam diffuses an aromatic mist of essential-oils of lemon and/or mandarin filling the treatment cubicle with a sensuous aroma of wellbeing.
  2. Orange Concentrate Ampoule - contains stabilised Vitamin C concentrate together with bioflavinoids, B group vitamins, zinc and an amino acid complex for deep hydration.
  3. Mandarin Modelling Mask - a beautifully creamy rich mask containing essential B group vitamins and lipids to deeply hydrate the skin's tissues.
  4. Vitamin Serum Complement - a concentrate of Vitamin C and bioflavinoids act as an anti-oxidant, leaving the skin radiant and with the appearance of good health. The remainder of this Vitamin Serum is given to the client to be used over 5 consecutive nights following the treatment.