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Aromatic Stone Therapy


With today's busy lifestyles it is essential that we restore a sense of tranquillity and harmony into our lives. We recommend the SOTHYS Aromatic Stone Therapy for this as it is designed to re-harmonise the whole person. The technique used to combine various philosophies and treatment methods to leave you relaxed, revived and with a complete sense of well being.

We use warm Balinese stones to massage and infuse exotic spices such as ginger, nutmeg, bitter orange, these stimulate the body and calm the mind. These special stones were chosen for their ability to retain heat assisting the infusion of the oils and aromatic spices.

This is a  magic combination encouraging healing and wellness, with an essence of peace.

Our therapists are (all trained by SOTHYS in Aromatic Stone Therapy) are expert in delivering the special techniques and  harmonic movements required to balance your overall body energies.

Yes it is a total body massage using a scentual blend of oriental spices infused with Balinese stones in a hot aromatic Granita with Marula oil. This will transport you to a renewed sense of relaxation and well being.

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Following full body exfoliation with the spicy Delicious scrub, you are draped in a towel as the Awakening Prelude begins, and the body is allowed to relax with a series of compression moves. Then in a total zen ritual you are massaged with warm stones soaked in spicy aromatics over your entire body.


Gently, you are then returned to earth with a Relaxing Finale massage performed as you sit on the edge of the massage bed and gradually awaken.



Delicious Manicure


Delicious ManicureAfter softening with an aromatic soak the hands are gentle exfoliated with a Delicious Scrub. Then the Spicy massage elixir is massaged into your hands and arms while your muscles relax and you enjoy the rich aromatic aromas.

The treatment is completed with the Velvet Hand cream with Spa water to hydrate and repair the skin.

Nail and cuticle treatment and nail enamel application with a splash of colour is incorporated as you wish.



Delicious Pedicure


Delicious PedicureFirstly your feet are immersed in an aromatic foot bath then your feet are massaged with the warm and spicy Delicious Scrub with aromatic extracts to exfoliate the skin.

Massage elixir with spicy, warming essential oils is massaged into tired legs and feet, so you can step out in style and with a spring in the walk! The treatment concludes with the Softening Body Gel incorporated thermal Spa water to maintain the hydration of the skin.

Nail and cuticle treatment and nail enamel application with a splash of colour is incorporated as you wish.


To prolong the benefits of our Sothys Aromatic Stone Therapy you should use the Aromatic Body Range of home care products.