Ampoule Therapy




The Deep Cleansing & Refining Institute Treatment


All Skin Types (except sensitive, reactive skin)


Double action exfoliation (both biological and mechanical) offers exceptional results to all types of skins, especially sun-damaged, hyper-pigmented, prematurely ageing, oily/clogged or acne prone skin.

Glycolic Acid (AHA) promotes a micro-exfoliation of the skin's epidermis, leading to a more refined texture and instant radiance. Salicylic Acid (bHA) is effective in unclogging oily congested skin and leaving the texture refined.

The AHA/bHA complex serum applied in this treatment is based on a unique micro-emulsion delivery system for the hydroxy acids so that the skin can uniformly derive the benefits of this gentle, effective treatment. Following the infusion of the AHA/bHA complex serum a Gommage Exfoliant (mechanical peeling) is effected eliminating the dead cells and physiological wastes from the skin.


Treatment Product Review


Two active products contribute to the efficiency of this Institute Treatment:

Biological Action -:AHA/bHA Complex Serum - micro-emulsion gel uniformly delivers the hydroxy acid complex to the tissues of the skin.

Mechanical Action - The Gommage Exfoliant is applied to the entire treatment area, allowed to dry and is then gently buffed off with manual finger action. This extremely gentle peeling formulation is suitable to all skin types.


This Peel also incorporates an individually prescribed intensive ampoule complex and mask.

The result of SOTHYS Professional Peeling is quite remarkable with instant results evident