Elegant Image Facials


Elegant Image only use only high-end professional products from global leading beauty houses for all the skincare and pamper procedures.

 Prior to having a facial treatment with us the therapist analyse your skin and ask you to complete our a healthcare questionnaire, this is to ensure that we are aware of your skin type, evaluate any known or obvious skin conditions present and ensure that we only use the appropriate ingredients in the procedures. All skincare treatments include a facial massage, exfoliation and extractions if necessary.

 Please note that we cannot stress highly eneough that to enhance and prolong the benefits of any skin care treatments, you should consider purchasing and using homecare products, your therapist will be happy to advise you on the products that are best suited to your skin type and its current condition.


 Sothys of Paris






  Sothys of Paris

A cutting edge brand recommended by professionals in worldwide beauty institutes and spas.  Sothys is present in over 15,000 beauty centres and spas throughout the world in more than 110 countries.

 The unique and innovative formulas resulting from Sothys research, combined with exclusive modelling and treatment procedures, express the individual essence of each treatment. Enjoy a unique sensorial experience, with wellbeing, effectiveness and safety at the heart of Sothys skin care. More..

Dr Spiller Facials







Dr Spiller Facials

Dr. Spiller Biomimetic uses the patented Hydratain® emulsion system, making it completely unique in skin care, it provides you with the ultimate in hydration based anti-ageing.

Understanding how your skin works is fundamental to the Dr Spiller philosophy, their product range offers everything necessary for the very best skin care; from essential products such as cleansers and creams to products for the sensitive eye area and care products to treat specific skin problems.

Dr Spiller Biomimetic products and procedures have been formulated to meet the needs of all skin types; young and combination skin, dry/dehydrated skin and acne-prone skin, sensitive skin and mature skin and much more.  More..


Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials





 Intraceuticals Oxygen 02 Facials

 The hottest facial in Hollywood is available at Elegant Image 

 Oxygen Facials have become the latest craze in the celebrity world. Everyone from Madonna to Kate Middleton, Molly Simms, Heather Locklear to Justin Timberlake has had this rejuvenating treatment.

Its what it does for your skin. The Intraceuticals Oxygen Infussion system  simply increases skin oxygenation and hydrationn, it leaves your skin smooth with a healthy complexion. Instant results for a special occasion or longer term skin rejuvenation with regular maintenance treatment. More..