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Welcome to Elegant Image

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 Welcome to Elegnt Image


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Hair Removal Lead

For many people, body hair is far more than just a cosmetic problem. In many cases, unwanted facial hair or a hairy back is a source of embarrassment. Traditional hair reduction methods that include shaving, waxing, tweezing and creams are all time consuming and short lasting. Until recently, the only effective method for hair reduction was electrolysis, a slow and painful process in which follicles are individually destroyed by electrical current. 

Elegant Image gives you a whole new way to deal with hair. Imagine. No more tweezers. No more waxing. No more Hair Removal Methodselectrolysis. No more hair. Our Palomar StarLux High Intensity Pulsed Light hair removal treatment can do just that and anywhere on your body. Compared to shaving, waxing, or creams, nothing removes unwanted hair effectively, and compared to electrolysis, IPL/Laser Based Light Systems are faster, less painful, and above all they are less expensive.

Unlike conventional laser systems, the StarLux system first cools the skin to 4oC, then emits light energy in very carefully timed bursts, this modality decreases collateral damage to surrounding skin tissue substantially reducing pain. StarLux provides unparalleled flexibility over the pulsed light process, it allows us better control over treatments and modalities. The benefits of this system are great and include reduced pain, the ability to treat the widest range of skin areas and reduced treatment time.

Removal of hair using light-based energy is an ablative process that actually damages or destroys hair follicles at the cellular level, thus the reason Pulsed Light is so effective and popular. The StarLux pulsed light system is rapidly changing the way people view hair reduction treatments by providing a safe, gentle, non-invasive and long-lasting solution to rid unwanted hair from any body area.


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