Germany's No. 1 Cosmetic is Available at Elegant Image


ARTDECO, Germany's N° 1 make-up brand is now available in salon furthermore, ARTDECO has become the biggest selling makeup brand (units) in central Europe's selective market.

The very extensive ARTDECO range includes over 500 professional quality and easy-to-apply products, that allow women to create a flawless and natural finish. The range includes several 'must have' professional products that help to create a flawless finish that simply won't budge.


What makes ARTDECO different from other brands?


1. ARTDECO products are made from the highest quality ingredients, which gives ARTDECO products very light textured and give long-lasting results. For example, ARTDECO foundations are formulated in Japan because the Japanese are renowned for producing the best quality foundation formulas in the world.


2. ARTDECO products are exceptionally easy to blend. You don't have to be a makeup artist to apply ARTDECO products!


3. ARTDECO products have strong, natural colour pigments which are true-to-colour. In other words, what you see is what you get!


4. Arguably, one of the best features of ARTDECO products is the price. The whole range is affordably priced at up to 60% cheaper than comparable premium products in department stores.


Finally, unlike other brands, most ARTDECO products are refillable. Not only can you create your own colour pallets and combinations, there is now no need to throw away half-used pallets. Mostly importantly, refillable packaging means you can do your bit to minimise waste and help to preserve the environment.

ARTDECO products are made in Germany and are not tested on animals. ARTDECO products do not contain lead.


ARTDECO products are highly recommended for sensitive skin.


The secret of ARTDECO´s success in becoming the market leader in Germany´s selective market has been its constant focus on the individual wishes and needs of all women, combined with uncompromising quality and very reasonable pricing.


For your convenience Elegant Image stock an  especially wide selection of colours, eye shadows and blushers, all can be freely combined in refillable beauty boxes, and unique special products, which make it possible for you to achieve really professional results, they will also ideally complement and round off our range of other international luxury brands.


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