Professional eyebrow shaping has evolved from a trend to an essential beauty ritual.


Nothing else gives the face an instant lift and a noticeably enhanced and elegant look.


Anastasia Soare is the first major figure to emerge in this field; today her extraordinary artistry continues to set her apart. "The Brow Guru" has earned icon status among the world's most glamorous and powerful stars. "Having your eyebrows done by Anastasia is like having a face lift." Oprah Winfrey.


The technique pioneered by Anastasia, utilise a range of eyebrow stencils which help achieve the perfect shape, camouflaging inconsistent growth patterns, holes and scars in the brow. Anastasia is now internationally recognised as the queen of beautiful eyebrows and her client list is chock-full of Hollywood's hottest celebrities. The global demands for her Perfect Brow System seen Anastasia commercialise her process, in doing this she has trained a select few including Carolyn Fox (Fox Salons), teaching them the secrets of her eyebrow transformation techniques in her exclusive Beverly Hills Salon. Since returning to Australia Carolyn has made her mark as a highly respected and sought after brow technician, featured in Harpers Bazaar, NW Celebrity Hair and Beauty and InStyle Magazine; Carolyn has trimmed, tweezed and transformed the brows of Catherine Zeta Jones, Debra Messing and Nikki Hilton and under license from Anastasia Soare, under a strict franchising arrangement she is now passed on these Anastasia techniques to Elegant Image.




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